What exactly are they?

Well, cichlids are amazing fish which have been populating aquariums for quite some time. They're particularly popular due to their behavior, a lot more complex when compared with other freshwater types. They're also considered to be probably the smartest fish around if we can consider a fish smart… They are part of the Cichlidae fish family and therefore are freshwater fish. However, many related species are present in salted water, too. Oscar, discus, and angelfish are the popular types of Cichlids. The Cichlidae fish family is highly different, being found in a variety of habitats and locations. Cichlids vary significantly in dimensions, behavior and feeding behavior.

Where do cichlid fish originate from?

Cichlids are mostly present in countries from Asia and Africa, but also in certain parts of North America. You will find at least 1,650 known cichlid species of fish going swimming within the sea by having a believed 2,000 to 3,000 cichlid unknown species. This will make the Cichlidae species among the three major vertebrate families that populate our the planet. Regarding the number of species, cichlids are just second to catfishes and characins. The explanation for their effective evolution and diversity is the anatomy. Cichlids posses, additionally for their typical jaws, another one, a throat jaw having teeth which make them able to eat just any food they want. Their own nature makes survival uncomplicated which is among a lot of reasons why they're exceptional fish for your aquarium. Another aspect which has permitted these to thrive for thus a long time and evolve into a large variety of species is the parental and reproductive behavior. With regards to reproduction, cichlids take extremely good care of their eggs and based on their species they possess both polygamous and monogamous behaviors.

Why a Cichlid?

The cichlids are hugely popular aquarium fish because of their sheer diversity regarding color and size, and due to their behavior patterns. Today, you will find a multitude of cichlids open to add some grace to your aquarium, being imported from both Africa and America as well. Many are sourced in the wild while some are artificially bred. No matter their source, the gorgeous multicolored cichlids, come in different sizes, which provides the versatility to find the one which most closely fits the requirements of your fish tank. Anyway, they constitutes the perfect inhabitant of your aquarium for an additional reason they're very simple to take good care of because they are among the most powerful fishes around. They're normally large in dimensions when compared with other species and could be somewhere between 4 and 10 inches lengthy. Cichlids don't eat other fish. However, they can attack smaller sized fish in certain situations. They defend their territories extremely well and may become aggressive as well as violent doing this. This habits of cichlids could make them real trouble makers in your home fish tank.

What you ought to know.

There are a couple of details which will require your attention if you decide to help keep cichlid fish in your house aquarium. The most crucial truth is that the tiniest fish need a big space. You will have to purchase a large tank if you wish to have a smaller sized cichlid or even a bigger one if you are planning to help keep a sizable cichlids. You have to be extra careful while decorating the fish tanks where cichlids are going to inhabit, because most of them will uproot the plants, to defend their territories; moreover, a few are herbivorous by nature. Make sure you will add plants or substrates based on what types of cichlids you are going to have. To have their violent behavior in check, they're normally stored in bigger fish tanks to permit them extra space. Also, plants, both natural and artificial, have to be part of your aquarium to supply shelter to those fish in danger.